Become an Independent Online Trader in 2020

Becoming an online trader is accessible, exciting, educational and offers many opportunities. However, many independent traders fail to achieve good results in the financial markets.

Indeed, a high percentage of people seeking to become traders lose money on the stock market because they do it wrong. This article will teach you how to become a profitable trader, and make trading a source of income.

We will look at how to trade online in real markets, and review best trading practices for beginners and professionals.

What is an Online Trader?

An online trader is a person who places stock exchange orders, buys and sells products on the financial markets, in order to earn money, either for a financial institution (large banks, investment funds, hedge funds) or for his own account. There are several categories of traders, depending on the markets traded (currencies, shares, bonds, commodities…) and the investment horizon (in session, short term, medium term, long term).

Many people who have studied market finance are looking to become professional traders, but the places to take are very difficult to obtain, even for the most motivated.

Fortunately, the profession of trader has become more democratic thanks to online trading, and has become very accessible to all audiences, both for financial professionals and for individuals who are new to it.

However, even if becoming an online trader is accessible to everyone, it does not mean that trading is easy. Online trading remains a risky activity, and this guide will help you avoid the pitfalls of the beginning independent trader.

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