Who we are ?

The SIVAN company is a company whose aim is to train particular clients in the field of Trading.
It was created in August 2019 with the aim of making people financially independent.

Trading Room Presentation

Jean-Louis Cussac has been trading for his account full time, every day for 33 years.
He gives a summary of his analyses of the financial markets every day live on BFM Business, every day since the beginning of BFM 20 years ago.
He has been training private and professional traders for more than 20 years, he has been running a live Dealing Room for 25 years, he launched the first Virtual Dealing Room in 2007. His Dealing Room is open to subscribers every day from 7:50 am to 6:30 pm, 11 months out of 12.
With his team :

  • He explains what he's doing and what he's going to do.
  • It alerts in real time on the opportunities of Trades that it detects.
  • Il analyse en continu les marchés actions, contrats futures, devises et options, sur le plan chartiste, technique et contextuel
  • Il apporte un avis objectif en toutes circonstances.

“This Trading Room is the ideal tool to enable the people I have trained to benefit from ongoing training”.

Jean-Louis Cussac

Beginner Traders will find it an ideal educational complement to the Trading training courses.
The mastery of the Trading Intervention Method is thus accelerated.
Traders are coached to perfect their behaviour and optimise their trading results.