Trading Room

We trade every day in the markets. We know perfectly well all the problems linked to this activity. The job of trader is extremely demanding because it requires rigour and lucidity at all times. Impatience, hesitation, fatigue, frustration and anchoring are all dangers to which all traders are permanently exposed and are always synonymous with potential losses.
Even if during our trainings we teach techniques to avoid these traps, the trader is above all a human being with his cognitive biases and emotions. One should not neglect the psychological consequences of a switch to full time trading because this practice generates emotions to which an investor who trades on the fringe of a professional activity is not exposed. Moreover, carrying out this activity alone on a daily basis can lead to isolation that can lead to a breakdown in social ties.

Jean-Louis Cussac is well aware that objectivity is a fundamental asset in the face of the markets, and that this is why he decided 25 years ago to create a Trading Room where he carries out real-time and continuous analysis for his clients.

In 2007, because the number of clients continues to grow, he transformed his physical Trading Room into a virtual Trading Room.

Subscribed clients can now connect to it from wherever they wish. They listen to Jean-Louis and his team, ask questions and receive answers immediately. They can also record all of the day’s analyses.
This service is also a natural complement to the training courses we organize:

  • the trainees who have chosen our three-month Immersion course, apply serenely what they have learned by validating each position opening beforehand. They progress more quickly thanks to this direct link with Jean-Louis and Matthieu.
  • Experienced traders improve their behaviour and results.
  • professional traders find the objectivity they may require
Who is this service for ?
  • beginners and advanced: who have participated in one of our Courses and who wish to progress under supervision
  • professionals: who want an objective opinion in all circumstances and benefit in real time from Jean-Louis Cussac's analyses
  • bénéficier tous les matins de la stratégie du jour et des niveaux de prix sur lesquels intervenir
  • tirer profit d'analyses chartistes, techniques et contextuelles en continu
  • recevoir en temps réel des propositions d'interventions sur les marchés
  • parfaire son apprentissage (formation continue)
  • valider l'ouverture et la gestion des positions
  • assister aux sessions de révisions organisées spécifiquement pour les abonnés
  • venir travailler quelques jours par mois dans nos bureaux
  • être écouté à tout moment
  • garder en toutes circonstances les idées claires grâce à un avis objectif

In which markets ?

The ones we deal with on a daily basis:

  • CAC 40 & Dax: Futures and CFD
  • Euro/Dollar pair
  • all European actions
  • regulated options
How to log in ?

The Dealing Room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Perceval Finance Conseil team is present every trading day from 7:50 am to 6:30 pm, except in August (annual holidays) but the service remains open to exchanges between clients free of charge.

A Ventrilo PC & MAC audio communication software allows to be in permanent contact with the PFC team. This installation can be done in our premises or remotely. Whether you live in France or abroad, the quality of communication is constant but depends on the Internet connection. We have subscribers all over the world: Africa, Asia, North America, … In order to maintain an optimal and constant quality, we have a backup server in case of failure or maintenance of the main server.


The subscription to the Dealing Room is €1,000/month for a minimum commitment period of 3 months. This amounts to 50€ per trading day.

We use all our energy every day so that you can reach your goals.

The course of a session?
  • 7.55AM: connection of the Perceval Finance Conseil team to the Trading Room. Jean-Louis proposes 1 level of intervention from the opening of the Future CAC 40
  • 8.10AM: the intraday strategy column on Future CAC 40 is now online on our website. Jean-Louis Cussac analyses the context, the trend and the priority direction for the day; he indicates the supports and resistances to be worked on as well as the statistics of the day.
  • 8.15AM: the Euro/Dollar Strategy column goes online. An email similar to the Future CAC 40 but specific to the Euro/Dollar is sent.
  • 8.45AM: Perceval News column is online. Announcements, publications, recommendations to be retained on stocks to identify the securities on which we will focus our interest in the opening of the equity market.
  • 8.50AM: point before the opening of the shares. The PFC team takes the floor and gives a summary of the levels to be monitored and the thresholds on which to position oneself, the actions to be monitored at the opening
  • 9AM-6.30PM: Continuous strategy update based on market developments; proposals for transactions on the Future CAC 40, Options (MONEP), Equities, Euro/Dollar; answers to questions in real time.
  • 6.30PM: online flash summary of the session, preparation of the next day's session, oral report.